November 29, 2023

White-Fonting: The Truth about Ghost Key Words on Resumes

Over my two decades in the realms of finance and recruitment, I’ve witnessed a myriad of tactics employed by individuals in their pursuit of that coveted dream job. One strategy that has recently gained some attention is the use of the “white-fonting” hack.

Here’s the gist: Job seekers extract essential keywords from the job description and insert them into their resumes, but in white font. To the human eye, these keywords remain invisible, but to automated, AI-driven screening tools, it’s akin to striking gold.

Is it clever? Perhaps. Is it ethical? Well, that’s open to interpretation.

As the Founder of Benchmark Search Group, a firm where my focus has been on accounting and finance recruitment, it’s safe to say I’m not exactly a proponent of this practice.

Let’s face it, if the job is a square peg and you’re a round hole, no amount of keyword manipulation is going to make you a perfect fit for that role.

In my extensive experience, I firmly believe that if you genuinely are the best candidate, the key is to customize your resume for each job you’re pursuing. Employ those keywords in a thoughtful, truthful, and purposeful manner. It’s essential to remember this, my friends: people are far more than their job titles, and companies transcend mere balance sheets.

Let’s strive for authenticity in our endeavors.

Troy Ashby, CPA
President, Benchmark Search