Wage Wars and the Power of Work Flexibility

As we witness a persistent trend of inflation, it’s evident that wage growth is not keeping pace.

A recent report from ADP has shone a light on the prevailing wage trends. By analyzing the salaries of 10 million U.S. employees, the findings are eye-opening. Wages have only experienced a 4-5% increase over the past year in certain regions, with Delaware, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, and New Jersey ranking among the areas with the slowest wage growth.

Why this disconnect between inflation and wage rates, you might wonder? It appears that today’s job seekers are seeking more than just monetary compensation; they are leveraging remote work as a bargaining chip.

So, what can companies that do not offer flexible work arrangements do to remain competitive? This is where an experienced recruiter can make all the difference.

As the President of Benchmark Search, I have dedicated the past two decades to refining my recruitment expertise. My aim is to level the playing field, enabling your company to compete effectively with organizations that provide flexible work options. I bring a deep understanding of industry intricacies and an innate sense of cultural fit based on individuals, not just qualifications on paper.

In the realm of talent acquisition, it’s imperative to remember that people are more than their job titles, and companies transcend their balance sheets. The right fit results in contented candidates, satisfied companies, and fruitful relationships. 

Troy Ashby, CPA
President, Benchmark Search