Quiet Quitting vs. Fulfillment

Let’s take a look back at last year when the term “quiet quitting” was making waves, remember? Zaid Khan was the embodiment of this phenomenon. In July, he shared a TikTok video with a powerful message: “Your worth isn’t tied to your productivity.”

So, where can we find Khan today?

Khan, who used to work remotely for a cybersecurity tech company, indeed “quiet quit.” After his video, he took a six-month break. During this time, he experienced a profound revelation, grappling with existential questions about the greater purpose of his life.

And then, almost unexpectedly, he made a definitive exit – yes, he truly QUIT.

It turns out that “quiet quitting” was a short-lived concept. The truth is, you need to have a genuine passion for your job to find any real satisfaction in it.

Drawing on my extensive experience of over 18 years as a recruiter, those who genuinely enjoy their work are fully committed. It’s all about striking a balance – being present in your job while also living a fulfilling life outside of it.

In the context of my expertise in talent acquisition, job roles aren’t just about the items listed on a resume. They revolve around the connection you have with your projects, your team, and your overarching purpose. When there’s alignment, remarkable things can happen.

As I’ve consistently emphasized, “People are more than their job titles, and companies are more than balance sheets.” This principle applies whether you’re an employee or you’re in search of the perfect candidate.

What has been the driving force behind your career? When have you been fully committed, and how has it made a difference?

Troy Ashby, CPA
President Benchmark Search