Benchmark Search Hiring Insights – March 2024

Benchmark Search Hiring Insights – March 2024

From National Employee Appreciation Day through March Madness (and don’t forget about International Women’s Day), March is a big month for HR. Also, the first day of spring — a welcome shift for many.

Looking ahead In this month’s newsletter, how to approach sociopolitical issues from a PR standpoint, the extra perks of working with a recruiter and how to ensure your job descriptions are truly gender neutral.

February Jobs Report Highlights

February brought continued good news for the US job market with an impressive 275,000 jobs added. This highlights a positive trend for businesses in the face of economic headwinds. The top-performing industries contributing to this growth were Healthcare ( 67,000), Food & Beverage ( 42,000), Construction ( 23,000), Transportation & Warehousing ( 20,000), and Retail Trade ( 19,000)

The unemployment rate rose slightly to 3.9%, this increase signals a positive trend for employers seeking to expand their teams. There is also a slight increase in the unemployment rate for college graduates to 2.3%.

Hot Candidates


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
  • Strong in strategic accounting and finance
  • Leadership / community engagement; proven success in high-pressure environments
  • Expertise in mergers & acquisitions, internal controls, revenue recognition
  • Great tenure and history of internal promotions


  • Accounting Degree, CPA
  • 15 years experience
  • Both large and small company experience
  • Proven leader who is ready for their next challenge

 Senior Audit Manager

  • Senior Manager with EY with 10 years of experience
  • Industries: mostly banking, commercial banks, broker dealer
  • Open to Controller, SEC reporting, or Audit

 Assistant Controller

  • Big 4 combo, CPA 
  • 10+ years experience 
  • SEC and Technical Accounting 

 Assistant Controller

  • Accounting Degree, CPA
  • 7+ years experience (all in public accounting)
  • Clients are in a wide variety, mostly lower-middle market companies

 Accounting Manager / Asst Controller

  • BBA and MBA
  • Public Combo, CPA
  • 10 years accounting experience, including 6 in public accounting

 Senior Accountant

  • Degreed Senior Property Accountant
  • Intercompany accounting, journal entries from property to entity
  • Bank reconciliations, cash out/wires

 Senior Accountant

  • Accounting Degree
  • Public Accounting experience – Client Service
  • Consumer products, healthcare, nonprofit, real estate

 Senior Financial Analyst

  • 10 years of experience
  • MBA in Finance from Tulane
  • Product pricing models, valuations
  • CapEx and OpEx financial models / forecasting

How Vocal Should Your Company Be?

With an election year underway, should companies feel pressured to take a stance on sociopolitical issues? This is a heated topic. In the interest of propriety, professionalism and even diversity, “no way” is a pretty good argument.

Then again, according to a recent survey of CHROs by the University of South Carolina, 70% of them plan to keep doing it. Why? Mainly because of pressure from employees, customers and professional associations. (Read more on this)

In particular, female and minority employees state they feel more supported when their employers take a stand for issues they care about. And 42% of the companies surveyed say that have formal criteria in place for such public PR stands.

As a recruiter at Benchmark Search, more and more, I do hear from job seekers looking to align themselves with companies that share their values, and vocally.

A Perk of Working with a Recruiter

Recruiters like those of us at Benchmark Search can help you with your hiring in some pretty obvious ways. We have big talent pools to draw from, full-time expertise in the hiring process, and the professional acumen to lead the process from source to hire.

But there’s another big benefit of using a recruiter, and that’s the relationship-building we conduct all the time, over time.

Say you’ve interview someone for a role they weren’t quite right for, but you really liked them. They move on to another position, and you hire someone else for the role. A few years later, they’re thinking about a new job, and you’re hiring for an adjacent role they’d be perfect for. But you’ve forgotten about them, and they haven’t officially started a job search, so they miss your posting.

With a recruiter in the mix, it’s much more likely that you’ll get reconnected with the candidate and make it work this time. Recruiters like me keep on top of relationships with talented folks, and we keep them on speed dial.

Better hiring through a recruiter means more retention

In the accounting field, where turnover can be both costly and disruptive, ensuring a good fit from the outset is essential for long-term retention. Specialized recruiters play a critical role in this process.

We focus on matching the firm’s culture and expectations with the job seeker’s aspirations and capabilities, particularly for strategic roles like CFOs and Controllers.

Additionally, showcasing your firm’s benefits and growth opportunities can make a significant difference in attracting the right professionals who are looking for a long-term commitment.

Working with a recruiter not only enhances your hiring strategy but also contributes to building a stable and committed accounting team.

Since 2021, Benchmark Search has emerged as a haven for working parents, a testament to our unwavering dedication to creating a supportive and balanced work atmosphere. We are deeply grateful for this achievement, and thrilled to share this heartening news.