Benchmark Search Employment Insights – October 2023

If you’re like most workers, you’re not happy at work.

It’s an unfortunate reality that worker happiness is going downhill. One report from BambooHR found that employee happiness has been going down and down since 2020.

What’s interesting about this is that there are more options than ever before for professionals. So why aren’t people landing in jobs that make them happy and seem like a good fit?

As a recruiter, finding the right fit is my exact specialty. So if you’re one of the many who is unhappy in your current job, reach out today to get started on a new job search. I can help you find a better match.

In the meantime, here are some things I’ve been thinking about this month that I wanted to share with you.

Unemployment Update

The US economy added 336,000 new jobs, nearly double the 170,000 forecasted. The national unemployment rate held steady a 3.8%, while unemployment for college graduates declined from 2.2% to 2.1%.

The leisure and hospitality sector continued its impressive streak in the job market, adding 96,000 jobs. Healthcare contributed 41,000 jobs and the Manufacturing & Construction sectors collectively added 28,000 jobs.

Referral Needed

Tax Partner, Mid-tier Firm (Public or Public Combo) (Hybrid) – $275k + equity

Director of Accounting, Healthcare/Hospital experience required (hybrid)- $180-200k (total comp)

Controller, Oil and Gas (in-office) -$190k

Treasury Director, Healthcare (hybrid) -$160k

Tax, Senior Manager, Wealth Management (Hybrid) – Frisco

Controller, Lower Middle Market Company (hybrid) – $150k

Senior Manager, AP, Private Equity (in-office) -$175k

Accounting Manager, Renewable Energy (hybrid)-$145k

Accounting Manager, Restaurant (in-office) -$110k

Audit Manager, Manufacturing (hybrid) -$145k

Revenue Accountant, Oil and Gas, Public Accounting or Oil and Gas required (in-office)-$130k

Senior Accounting Analyst, Investment Firm (Hybrid) – $115k

Senior Tax Associate, Wealth Management (remote)-$85k

Senior Accountant, Retail (in-office) – $85k

Accountant, Government Contractor, (remote) -$75k

Step one to landing a fantastic new job: A confident resume

“What does this mean?”
Great question. A few things.
💡 Your professional summary is your one chance to make such a good impression that they bother to read the rest. Make sure it’s tight!
💡 Especially if you’ve done a lot of job-hopping, leave off irrelevant positions or keep their descriptions very short.
💡 Don’t worry about including months of the year. No one really cares 😉

And always, always, always have a smart person proof your resume! This is also something a recruiter like myself will do.

Can you get your resume past AI?

This is the hot question for job seekers right now.

One SHRM survey last year said over 60% of companies were using AI to screen resumes before they were ever seen by a real person — and I would venture that percentage has gone up this year.

As a candidate, you need a certain amount of savvy in the way you write your resume, and you may have to tailor it to every individual job you apply for so it contains the exact keywords and experience required.

If you are eager to get serious about a job search, working with a solid recruiter like myself is the next step. I can help you get your resume around robots.

How to reskill for the green movement

The two buckets of skills you can’t go wrong with these days:

🤖 AI skills

♻ green skills

The first is somewhat self-explanatory, and depending on your field, might be as simple as familiarizing yourself with Generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

The second is a little murkier of a topic.

A recent report by LinkedIn found that postings that require at least one of green job skill grew by a median of 15% between 2022 and 2023. And people with at least one green skill are hired more often.

Over the last few years, I have witnessed the arc of importance of both AI and green skills — both impossible to ignore.

This month’s recommended reading

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  • 5 steps to take if you’re looking to reinvent yourself on Fast Company (link)
  • Americans reveal the old-school slang they’re still using on Preply (link)

As we ease into fall, I hope you have the time to reflect and decide whether it’s time to look for a new role for 2024. And if so, give me a call. Otherwise, you’ll hear from me again next month!

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