Benchmark Search Employment Insights – April 2024

Spring Clean You Career Efforts

April is many things — tax season, spring, the beginning of a new quarter for many companies — but did you know it’s also Stress Awareness Month?

If your job is stressing you out — or if looking for a new one is equally vexing — I can help.

In this month’s newsletter, how to spring clean your career efforts, an updated take on fancy resumes and the idea of a dry promotion. Read on.

March Jobs Report Highlights

The March 2024 jobs report is in, and the numbers paint a picture of a thriving economy!  

Key takeaways:

  • Robust Job Growth: The U.S. added a staggering 303K jobs, far exceeding economist predictions by more than 100K.

  • Historic Low Unemployment: The rate dipped to 3.8%, continuing a streak of sub-4% unemployment not seen in over 50 years.

  • Sector Spotlight: Hiring surges were led by Healthcare (+72,000), Leisure and Hospitality (+49,000), and Construction (+39,000).

What does this mean for the job market? For job seekers, the opportunities are there, stand out by showcasing quantifiable achievements, honing in-demand skills, and leveraging your network.  Businesses, now’s the time to re-evaluate compensation packages and emphasize a positive work culture to secure the top talent you need.

Hot Jobs

Assistant Controller, Construction (in-office) $140k

Accounting Manager, Manufacturing (in-office) $110k

Accounting Manager, Family Office (hybrid), 110k

Senior Fund Accountant, Private Equity (in-office) – $100k

Property Accountant II, Real Estate (in-office) – $85k

Senior Accountant, Family office (in-office) $95k

Senior Accountant, Banking (in-office) $90k

Accounting Analyst, Private Equity (in-office) – $90k

Accounting Specialist (Outsourced Acct), Prof. Services (Hybrid) – $75k

Time to Spring Clean Your Career Efforts

Just like a good decluttering session at home, investing in your professional presentation pays off. Here’s your quick spring-cleaning checklist:

  • Update Your Brand Docs: Sharpen your resume, LinkedIn profile, and any materials representing you in the job market.
  • Revamp Your Digital Footprint: Run a quick Google search on yourself. Are there any old posts or profiles that need updating?

• Refresh Your Network: Strengthen existing connections on LinkedIn and consider new ones to expand your reach.

• Audit Your Skills: Boost your value by identifying any skill gaps you can strategically close this year.

The Evolving Resume: To Flair or Not to Flair?

Should you ditch the traditional resume template for a splash of color and graphics? As a seasoned recruiter,  I’ve seen the shift.  A touch of visual design can make you stand out, but here’s what matters most:

  • Keep it Clean & Professional: Balance eye-catching elements with clarity. Think sleek, not cluttered.
  • Ditch the Headshot: Focus on your skills and experience to avoid any potential bias.

  • Canva & Beyond: Explore free design templates for inspiration, but make sure the final product looks polished.

The “Dry Promotion” Dilemma: Should You Accept?

You get a new job title — and way more responsibility — but not a corresponding raise. It’s called a “dry promotion.” So should you take it?

If you’re not going to get a raise, a new title and role might still be a valuable addition to your resume.

Of course, your personal experience at this job, and your intuition, matter in the equation, too. If your gut is telling you you’re being taken advantage of, it’s wise to listen and move on.

We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on Charm, a powerhouse in our recruiting team! Charm started with us in January, bringing over a decade of experience. She excels in strategic recruiting, people management, project management, and community partnerships. Charm is an avid traveler who sees it as an opportunity to learn and expand her network. community partnerships.