Resume Makeover: Unleash the Power of Action Verbs for Accountants

As a recruiter specializing in accounting placements, I’ve seen the transformative power of well-chosen action verbs. They turn a dull job description into a dynamic showcase of your skills. Here’s why action verbs are your resume’s secret weapon:

Why Verbs = Resume Rocket Fuel

•Showcase Achievements, Not Duties: Anyone can claim they “managed a team.” But “Led a team of 10, increasing efficiency by 20%” demonstrates tangible impact.

•Quantify Your Success: Numbers make you memorable. Instead of “prepared reports,” consider “Analyzed complex financial data to generate monthly reports, uncovering a $50K budget discrepancy.”

•Beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS): ATS software often scans for keywords. Using powerful, industry-specific verbs increases your chances of getting noticed.

Upgrade Your Resume Word Power

•Avoid Weak Starter Verbs: Ditch overused, passive words like “assisted,” “helped,” or “responsible for.” These make your accomplishments seem vague.

•Embrace Specificity: Think like a thesaurus – replace generic verbs with specific accounting terms like “forecasted,” “audited,” “reconciled,” “budgeted,” or “resolved.”

•Think Results-Oriented: Did you streamline processes, increase revenue, reduce costs, or improve accuracy? Highlight the outcomes of your actions.

Action Verb Cheat Sheet for Accounting & Finance Resumes

Here’s a list to get you started. Remember, the most powerful verbs will align with your specific accomplishments:

•Analysis: Analyzed, evaluated, assessed, forecasted, audited, reviewed, interpreted

•Problem-Solving: Resolved, reconciled, corrected, diagnosed, identified, investigated, optimized

•Management: Led, supervised, managed, delegated, trained, mentored, budgeted

•Process Improvement: Streamlined, automated, implemented, reduced, enhanced, restructured

•Technical Skills: Prepared, calculated, computed, consolidated, balanced, reconciled

Pro Tip: Tailor your verb choices to match the job description! If they are looking for someone to “analyze data,” demonstrating your analytical prowess with strong verbs is key.

Beyond Verbs: The Power of Numbers and Context

While verbs are vital, don’t forget these additional ways to elevate your resume:

Quantify Results: “Increased sales by 15%” is far more impactful than simply saying “increased sales.”

Provide Context: Explain the scope of your actions – did you manage a small team or a large department? Handle a modest budget or millions of dollars?

Remember, your resume isn’t just a list of past jobs; it’s a marketing tool! Showcasing your skills with dynamic action verbs paints a vivid picture of you as a results-driven top candidate.

Ready to unleash the full potential of your resume? Let’s connect for a personalized review and action verb power-up! The team at Benchmark Search is here to help you land your dream accounting role.