September 6, 2023

Benchmark Search Employment Insights – September 2023

Thinking of changing jobs? In hot pursuit of a new one already? 

Here are some of the best tips I’ve come across for job seekers over the last month, with my own experience in the mix as well. Read on to find out how recruiters and hiring managers think about white fonting, when to submit your resume, and which jobs are hottest right now.

Unemployment Update

In the latest employment summary based on the August jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), it is evident that the U.S. job market experienced notable developments. During this period, U.S. employers exhibited a positive trend by adding 187,000 jobs to the workforce, demonstrating their commitment to economic growth and stability.

The national unemployment rate rose from 3.5% in July to 3.8% in August. This uptick in the unemployment rate is particularly noteworthy as it marks the highest level recorded since February 2022. The unemployment rate for college-degreed workers also experienced a slight increase during August, moving from 2.0% to 2.2%.

Delving into the industries contributing to job growth in August, the healthcare sector notably contributed by adding a substantial 71,000 jobs, indicating its continued importance within the U.S. economy. The leisure and hospitality industry also demonstrated resilience by contributing an additional 40,000 jobs. Moreover, the construction and manufacturing sectors saw a notable increase in employment, with the addition of 38,000 jobs, further strengthening the nation’s industrial landscape. Additionally, the professional and business services sector added 19,000 jobs, underlining its continued contribution to the workforce.

Referral Needed



  • Accounting Degree

  • Certified Public Accountant

  • 10+ years accounting (3+ restaurant/retail)

Treasury Manager

  • Accounting or Finance Degree

  • 4+ years of related experience

  • 13-week cash flow forecasting REQUIRED

Senior Financial Reporting Accountant (Hybrid)

  • Accounting Degree, CPA preferred

  • 3+ years of Reporting experience

  • Current or previous public accounting experience preferred

Senior Auditor (Hybrid) – Low Travel

  • Degree in Accounting or Finance

  • CPA or CIA preferred

  • 3 years internal or external audit

Senior Accountant

  • Public Accounting – 2+ busy seasons preferred

  • Open to Industry

Fund Accounting Analyst

  • Accounting Degree

  • 2+ years of experience in public accounting (current or previous)


Tax Partner (Hybrid)- FTW

  • CPA required

  • 10+ years of experience

  • Partnership and compliance experience

Tax Senior (Hybrid)

  • Accounting Degree

  • 3+ years of tax accounting experience, partnerships required

  • Current or prior public accounting experience preferred

Tax Preparer (Hybrid)

  • Accounting Degree

  • 1+ years Tax Firm Experience

I Don’t Recommend White Fonting
It’s been the bane of job seekers for a while now — automated, AI-based filters that weed out resumes before they get seen by real humans.

One hack is called “white fonting,” and while a lot of recruiters hate it, the truth is — it might work. This is when you cut and paste a list of keywords from the job posting itself and include them in your resume in a white font. A person can’t actually see the keywords, but AI can.

As a recruiter at Benchmark Search, you probably won’t be surprised to hear I’m not a huge fan of this technique. Even if it gets you through an applicant tracking system’s first screen, if you aren’t the right fit for the job, you’re just wasting people’s time.
A far smarter idea — assuming you ARE qualified — is to customized your resume to every job you apply for, using keywords in an intentional, thoughtful, and honest way throughout the resume.
Tuesday Is the Best Day to Try for a New Role
Want your highest chances of getting a new role? Try applying on Tuesday, according to ZipRecruiter. Their data shows that the most new jobs are posted on Tuesday, and that applying quickly boosts your odds. (Read more)

Now, do I think you should always apply for new jobs on Tuesdays? Hardly. The honest truth is, for entry-level jobs, getting your resume in ahead of the rest is probably smart. But as you move up the career chain, it’s less about winning the resume game and more about your whole strategy.

Assuming your resume makes the cut for a higher-level job — which it should, if you’re the right person for the role — then that strategy might include who you know, how you respond and whether you do well in initial interviewing. Having a recruiter at your back is, of course, also an advantage.
The Hottest Jobs Right Now
The latest LinkedIn jobs data says the most sought-after role right now is — ready for this? — customer service rep. 

Not AI expert. Not even technologist. But customer service rep. Other hot jobs include meat cutters, bakers, personal shoppers, mental health specialists (!!) and, yes, AI engineers. 

(And here’s the full lowdown on what jobs are trending, from LinkedIn, if you missed it.)

I rarely conduct restaurant-related searches, and mental health specialists are unfortunately out of my purview. But for accounting/finance roles, I am your person. Reach out if you’re ready to launch a proactive job search!