Benchmark Search Employment Insights – January 2024

What new skill will you learn this year?

As we stride into 2024, consider how you’re going to invest in your own professional development. 

What skill have you been itching to master or improve upon? Is it leadership, digital marketing, coding or something entirely unique to your field? Maybe you’ll take a class, gain a certification or read a certain number of educational books. Perhaps your goal is to be more outspoken on LinkedIn or attend networking events at least once a month.

Whatever it looks like for you, let’s make 2024 the year of investing in professional development, expanding our knowledge, and enhancing our expertise.

December Jobs Report Highlights

 The December jobs report underscores the stability of the economic landscape. The national unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.7%, maintaining the positive momentum observed in previous months. Recent college graduates also experienced steady conditions with an unemployment rate of 2.1%.

In December, the job market demonstrated resilience by adding 216,000 new jobs. The standout performers were the Construction sector, contributing an additional 17,000 jobs, followed by Information with 14,000 jobs, and Professional and Business Services with 13,000 jobs. These industries played a pivotal role in sustaining the overall positive trend in job creation.

In total, there were 2.7 million jobs added to the economy for 2023, showing a decline from previous years but beating past year averages from 2015 to 2019. The overall theme of a robust labor market remains unchanged. Notably, job growth is concentrated in Government, Healthcare, and Leisure and Hospitality, accounting for three-quarters of added jobs in 2023. While certain sectors experienced static hiring and slower growth, the overall labor market has cooled, yet growth in key sectors has prevented widespread job losses or an increase in the unemployment rate.

Referral Needed

Controller, Real Estate
Leading middle-market real estate services company hiring experienced multi-family accounting leader
Senior Accounting Manager
Specialized focus on General Ledger management and consolidations
Strategy Associate
Investment firm hiring to help build out their strategy team. Investment banking experience REQUIRED
Senior Accountant II (HYBRID)
Accounting Degree, 5+ years Full Cycle Experience
Staff Accountant – Fort Worth
Accounting Degree, 0-1 year experience, QuickBooks
Senior Financial Analyst (HYBRID)
Technology Company, Flexible Work Schedule, 4+ years FP&A needed
Treasury Senior Operations Associate
Investment Firm seeking Treasury Operations Leader
Senior Manager Accounts Payable
Investment firm seeking Senior AP leader
Tax Manager – Provision & Compliance (HYBRID)
High Growth Technology Company adding Tax Manager to the team with Provision and prior Big 4 Public Accounting experience
Senior Tax Associate (HYBRID) – FTW
FTW Tax and Consulting firm needs 3-5 years individual/partnership tax experience
Tax Associate (HYBRID) – FTW
Local Tax and Financial Consulting Firm; Accounting Degree, 1-3 years of individual/partnership tax knowledge
Tax Accountant
North Dallas Tax & Wealth Management Firm, hiring a hybrid tax accountant with tremendous quality of life

Expect Pay Increases Around 4% This Year

This year, expect employers to offer an average salary increase of about 4%. That’s a little lower than 2023, but still higher than previous years!

This prediction came from a few sources, but others disagree on the exact percentage, and at any rate, it’s a very general number. The reality is that pay increases vary by industry, region, and specific job.

Regardless of the exact number, switching jobs is often one way to increase your pay. If you’re thinking of looking for a new job this year, reach out. I personally can help you find the right fit with the right pay.

Should You Use a Resume Template off the Internet?

“Should I use a resume template I found on the internet?”

I always say, it’s not the format of the resume that matters, it’s the content. But that said, a nice-looking resume is not a bad idea, and if the easiest way to get there is with a template you find on the internet, more power to you. Just don’t let formatting your resume slow you down from finishing it.

And once you have a well-done (thoroughly proofed!!) resume ready to go, reach out to a recruiter like me to get your job search started on the right foot. As a recruiter for 18+ years, I can take your resume and run with it.

🚀 Don’t Settle for the Status Quo! 🚀

If we’re being really honest with ourselves, we all know that most New Year’s resolutions fizzle out before February. This year, let’s break the cycle when it comes to meeting our professional goals! 


By embracing discipline, focus and a strategic mindset.

Whether your resolutions are more in the realm of business achievements or career goals, I’m here to support you with my skills as a recruiter.. 

Until next month, 
Have a great start to your 2024,

We trust that your holiday season was filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments!