Benchmark Search Employment Insights – February 2024

Your daily office routine may seem like Groundhog Day. You keep having the same conversations, handling the same issues and even making the same mistakes. I talk to job seekers every day bored to death with their old jobs.

But, like Bill Murray in the seminal 1993 movie, there’s a way out. His screen character, Phil Connors, eventually conquers being stuck in a time loop by shifting his attitude and finding gratitude for the people around him. In fact, he decides to use his déjà vu smartly and becomes a do-gooder, taking advantage of the fact that he knows what’s going to happen in order to help the people of Punxsutawney. 

In your case, you also have a way out. When it’s time to move in, I am here to help you find an exciting new role so you don’t have to relive the same subpar experience over and over and over again.
In the meantime, here are a few things to think about this month.

January Jobs Report Highlights

 The latest January jobs report shows a thriving economic landscape, maintaining a national unemployment rate of 3.7%, consistent with the previous month. The unemployment rate for recent college graduates also held steady at 2.1%.
In January, the job market added an impressive 353,000 new positions, driven by key sectors such as Professional and Business Services (+74,000), Healthcare (+70,000), Manufacturing (+23,000), and Information (+15,000). This substantial growth reflects the resilience and adaptability of the U.S. workforce.
The steady national unemployment rate indicates the successful integration of newcomers into the workforce, preserving the overall stability of employment. The report from January reflects a vibrant job market, consistent with the continuous trend of favorable economic signs.

Referral Needed

Head of Real Estate, Private Equity (in office) – $300k

Senior Manager Fund Accounting, Private Equity (in office) $250

VP, Treasury Operations, Private Equity (in office) – $250k

Controller, Technology (in office) – $175k

Senior Manager, AP, Private Equity (in office) -$175k

Operations Associate, Private Equity (in office) – $175k

Tax Manager, Technology (hybrid) – $150k

Accounting Manager, Financial Services (in office) – $125k

Operations Analyst, Private Equity (in office) – $125K

Senior Analyst, Technology (hybrid) – $110k

Senior Fund Accountant, Private Equity (in office) – $100k

Senior Accountant, Healthcare (in office) – $95k

Accounting Analyst, Private Equity (in office) – $90k

Senior Accountant, Logistics (in office) – $85k

Credit Analyst, Financial Services (hybrid) – $65k

Public Accounting

Audit Manager – Dallas

Audit Senior (multiple) – Dallas

Tax Senior (multiple)

Tax Associate – Frisco

Elevating Your Personal Brand
Whether or not you’re actively searching for a new job, chances are, you’re highly aware of the pressing need to have a good “personal brand” in professional circles. You have to come across as authentic and transparent, but also mature, experienced and skillful.

You have to be willing to network and interface with your peers — without ever seeming desperate. You need your expertise to shine, but still seem humble and approachable.

It’s a lot of competing priorities. Working with a recruiter like those of us at Benchmark Search is one great way to extend the reach of your personal brand and get feedback on how you come across.

Thrilled and honored to announce that Benchmark Search has been recognized as the Best Place for Working Parents for the 4th consecutive year!  We believe in the power of family, and it’s woven into our culture. Here’s to another year of supporting our incredible team and fostering a workplace where family always comes first.